How to get rid of vaginal discharge at home?

Published: 26th October 2009
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If your vaginal secretion is abundant and have a foil odor than you may have an infection called bacterial vaginosis. You may go to your doctor to be sure about this. However, some women are not get rid of bacterial vaginosis with antibiotics. If you're four of them you can try home remedies that work just fine.

You are looking how to get rid of vaginal discharge at home? Are you feeling embarrassed due to it and feel that you're ashamed talked with other people about it. Here you will find some answers about this infection and how to overcome it properly.

You must understand that getting lots of vaginal discharge of yellow color is not something normal. Unfortunately, not matter how tidy you're you still can pick up this infection from swimming pools or dirty tubs. Also, you may get it due to not washing properly. The truth is that there are plenty of places where you can get it and sometimes is impossible to prevent it.

What can you do to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally is first take care of your personal hygiene, wash after having intercourse all the time and wear proper underwear. Cotton underwear is the best because it absorbs the heat and you do not get sweat. The wet environment is perfect for bacteria overgrowth.

A nice home remedy for vaginal discharge and eliminate the bad smell is using douches with Epsom salt and water. This will help you kill the infection and relief the irritation. Another home cure is yogurt. This is nice for releasing the redness as well as restoring the nice bacteria into your vagina.

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